During your first visit Ric will hope to gain a thorough understanding of your main complaint and your general health and lifestyle. He will also take your pulse on both wrists, may examine your tongue, and may feel for areas of muscular tension or pain.

Ric will then put together your treatment plan. The focus is on treating the whole person - body mind and spirit - and not just symptoms; two people with the same Western diagnosis may well receive different acupuncture treatments.

By inserting ultra-fine sterile needles into specific acupuncture points, or warming the points using the herb Moxa, the aim is to re-establish the free flow of ‘qi’ to restore balance and trigger the body's natural healing response.

Moxa is often used along with the needles
Moxa is often used alongside the needles

What some of Ric's clients say about his treatments

"Fantastic approach. And very knowledgeable. Thoroughly recommend." (BB - Cheltenham)

“I immediately started to feel better after my first treatment, and continued to make good progress throughout the first 5 sessions. I found Ric’s sympathetic and holistic approach very therapeutic and reassuring, both with the pain and in managing my stress levels. Every time that I visit Ric, I walk away from the appointment feeling relaxed with a general sense of well being.” (CY - Cheltenham)

“I’d never considered acupuncture before, and was amazed at the improvement after only the second treatment. Within a few months of regular treatments with Ric my quality of life has been the best I have known for 20 years.” (WL - Stroud)

“There were times when my mood was quite despondent, and I was feeling lacklustre and tired all the time.  But during and since treatment I have enjoyed a better state of being… what a joy that my life is no longer determined and dominated by this! I am more relaxed and there is more enjoyment. The treatments have certainly been a positive experience and I cherish this.” (MM - Birmingham)

“I've been receiving regular acupuncture treatments from Ric for over a year; I've felt a big improvement in my symptoms. He has a real sensitivity and warmth which, coupled with his knowledge and passion for acupuncture, has made it a wonderful experience - despite me not being particularly keen on needles!“ (EP - Cheltenham)

Call Ric on 07828 968123 for a chat about his range of treatments